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Re: USB Card Reader.

Wulfy wrote:

> Justin Guerin wrote:
>>In any case, the partition contains information about how the device is
>>formatted, so if you use the wrong type, you'll get an error that says
>>something like "wrong fs type", not "invalid block device".
>>Considering the block device exists, the only reason I would think this
>>comes up is if udev created the device node incorrectly,
> How could I check this?
Look at the major and minor numbers, and the type of device.  Your looks
right to me, provided that slot really is the third SCSI disk.  There's
something about your setup that's not right, though.  I don't know what it
is, or what information to ask for... :-(

Do you have any cards to test in the other slots on the reader?

>>or if you can't read it.  I notice the permissions are 0660, group floppy.
>> Are you in the floppy group?
> I'm in the floppy group.
> The one way I can think of to check if the card is still good (and full
> of pictures) is to connect the camera through the serial port.  I was
> hoping to avoid that....
Surely the card is still good if the pictures still show up in the camera.

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