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Re: inetd listening to port 79 (finger)

you are right:

# cat /etc/inetd.conf | grep finger
finger stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/ffingerd

but interestingly enough:

#ls -la /usr/sbin/ffingerd
ls: /usr/sbin/ffingerd: No such file or directory


#dpkg -l ffingerd
pn  ffingerd       <none>         (no description available)

after modifying inetd.conf, nothing is listening to port 79



Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
Quoting Vadim Kutsyy <vadim@kutsyy.com>:

For some reason I have inetd listening to port 79 (finger). Are there any reason why it should be listening to port 79?

#lsof | grep finger
inetd 11048 root 4u IPv4 827103602 TCP *:finger (LISTEN)



Have you checked /etc/inetd.conf to see if somethig is configured to be run by inetd from that port?


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