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Re: how to address people

> but are we configuring X for debian? what about X in general?
> what if i have a question about firewalls. this is not a debian specific
> question, but a general computer question.
> the point is, what should be posted and should not be posted is a grey
> and fuzzy line.

Sure, but still, at least configuring X has a lot more to do with
Debian than English. Also, if this was Debian-specific, there would be
very few posts here.

> d-u should not be so black and white about what should and should not be
> posted without looking at the rationale for posting the off-topic
> question.

That's true, and I apologize.

> a person whose primary language is not english *may* have a hard time
> navigating google to find the correct info regarding addressing english
> speaking individuals. this list is full of english speaking people.
> seems like it may be a reasonable question to ask.

Good point, I hadn't thought of that.

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