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Re: New Madwifi-ng doesn't work

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David R. Litwin wrote:
> I'm using the 2.6.16-smp kernel on Sid (Please, I beg of you not to go
> in to the Sid bit. I have heard all of the pros and cons already. Thank
> you kindly.). I recently upgraded to this kernel and, in so doing, chose
> to upgrade my madwifi-ng driver. Doing so has rendered it busted (some
> how).
> Well, that some how is the problem. I've tried every trick I know, have
> re-read howtos, have re-compiled and rebooted and am remaining in a
> busted state.
> I use ifplugd with wpa_supplicant to connect to my wireless network
> which is secured with wpa. Before I upgraded the driver and after I
> upgraded the kernel, I had it working (that is, I compiled the modules
> of the old madwifi-ng driver using the new 2.6.16 kernel.). So, the
> problem lies in the driver. I upgraded it via svn update.
> Any help will be much appreciated.

I am coming from a tangent and I apologise if I'm off the mark.  I use
ndiswrapper to run my wireless network, and it seems to break every time
I upgrade the ndiswrapper-utils package.  My fix is to extract the
driver and reinsert it, then modprobe the ndiswrapper module again.  I'm
using wpa_supplicant and ifplugd also.  Good luck
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