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Re: help (newbie questions about win98/debian)

On Thursday 23 March 2006 08:34, patrick bourne wrote:
> Can I use this version along with Windows 98 or would you
> recommend installing debian by itself.

Windows 98 being as old and unsupported as it is, you'll probably find it 
easier and your experience to be a much more positive one if you install 
Debian by itself.

> I went to the command prompt and typed -  cd  D:\debian and it
> changed to the D drive which is my CD ROM drive.  I had my installation cd
> in the drive but I cannot initiate the installation. 

To initiate the installation, you need to boot from the CD.  There are no 
Windows or DOS executables on the CD.

> The business card release has 30 MB of data and I put it on a CD. Will this
> make a difference.

It shouldn't.  One thing you want to do before installing though is read the 
manual that comes on the CD.  I think it's named README.html or something 
similarly obvious.  The installation manual explains everything you need to 
know about installing Debian.

Paul Johnson
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