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Re: Debian Unstable won't boot on 2.6.15-1/grub/raid1

Andrew Cady wrote:
On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 10:53:02PM +0100, Florian Kulzer wrote:

Robert Harris wrote:

I have a system that runs root on raid.  There are currently 2
kernels installed in the system.

2.6.15-1 and 2.6.10-1.  If I boot up on 2.6.16-1 the system will
say it can't find my root filesystem on /dev/md0 and drop me into the
busybox shell.  If I imediately drop into 2.6.10-1 it boots fine.
2.6.15-1 configuration looks good.  The only odd part is it seems
that the md devices are actually initialized after grub tries to boot
them.  Once i get the busybox prompt I get the md startup output.

Do you use udev rules to ensure a consistent naming of your devices?
Otherwise Kernel 2.6.15 is much less predictable than 2.6.10, and
unexpected changes in the device names might be the reason for your

udev is not involved until after the root filesystem is mounted.  The
problem is in the initrd, which prepares the system to mount root.  The
initrd can be rebuilt with dpkg-reconfigure kernel-image-<version>.

Indeed. I was obviously in a somewhat confused state of mind yesterday
evening. Thank you for pointing this out.


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