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kde programs not working

I was using KDE, a few crashes here and there but I could run Konsole, rosegarden4 and brahms. Now they have all stopped working - I get the egg timer but then they disappear without properly loading. How can I troubleshoot this? All I can think I did was:
- make myself a member of root [but changing this back has not helped]
- run update-modules, which gave an error message to do with alsa - I have removed the alsa modules package and rerun update-modules and get no errors now, but it hasn't solved the progs not running - put in an .asoundrc file, and then delete it when it made no difference to rosegarden running [I get no MIDI sound, jackd would not load] Otherwise I have been trying to get jackd, rosegarden and alsa [and timidity] to work together. Any ideas?

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