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Re: i want spam

Leonid Grinberg wrote:
This list is the number one source of spam for me. I'm subscribed
to eight mail lists[*], and this one generates more spam than all the
others combined.

I don't know... I use Gmail myself, and so almost all of the spam I
ever get goes to my spam folder where it is deleted with two simple
clicks. The only list that has open posting that I am subscribed to is
this one, and I have certainly been getting more spam in my spam
folder than before I subscribed, but not by *that* much.

You are conflating things, I do believe. I said nothing about
this list being open or closed. I said nothing about how much
spam I get a day, week, or month. I said that this list
provides me with more spam than all the rest I subscribe to.

Do you dispute this?

Or what?

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