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Where are GNOME icons?

I'm confused. When I look at


the arrow is blue. However, all the arrows in Galeon, Nautilus, and so
on are green. Looking harder:

    [wohler@olgas:718]$ locate stock_left.png

All of these are blue too.

I think that the green arrows were in GNOME 1 and that the blue arrows
are in GNOME 2. Right? Then why do I still have green arrows?

I'm using etch with the the Clearlooks theme, as selected by Desktop >
Preferences > Theme. If I then click on Theme Details, I see that I have
the Clearlooks Controls and GNOME icons.

Given my configuration:

1. What color are the latest GNOME arrows?

2. What directory contains the icons that I'm seeing?

Does anyone have a URL for the definitive current default icon set on
the gnome.org site?

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