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Re: Help: Can not login at local tty!!

Li Weichen wrote:
Hi all,

I cannot login onto the system on any local tty.  Another system
administrator has deleted sth by mistake.  And he was not sure what he had
I thought perhaps you meant he had "deleted ssh", but below you say that ssh is fine. So what do you mean by "sth"? I find no package with that name.

Now the system can not be logged in at local tty.  After input the user name
and press enter, I will get an error " Usage: /bin/login <username>".  But
the ssh is quite fine.

Can anybody help me please?

Best regards!

Once you ssh in, can you su to another user?

I don't suppose your user in /etc/passwd is set to no shell, etc?

I don't suppose "etc/nologin" exists?

(I don't think either of these would result in the symptoms you've described, but I'm just reachin'.)


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