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Re: Where to download precompiled Netbeans 5.0 debian package?

Chong Zan Kai wrote:

Thanks for you reply, guys. I have successfully install the netbeans 5.0.
However, I found that I cannot create a new project in netbeans. When I
click "File"->"New Project", from the "Standard" category I only see "Java
Project with Existing Ant Script", which require me to fill the location of
"build script" later on.

I remember I don't have such thing when I run netbeans 5.0 on windows. Can
anyone tell me what had happened?

Big thanks in advance.

On 3/13/06, Craig M. Houck <chouck@binghamton.edu> wrote:
You need to get the source and compile it.
A not difficult task.
I have it running on a classroom lab full of Debian boxes.

At 01:36 PM 3/13/2006 +0800, Chong Zan Kai wrote:

May I know where can I download the latest Netbeans 5.0 (Debian
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards,
Chong Zan Kai
Craig - ><>

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Best Regards,
Chong Zan Kai

I don't know why you need to get precompiled one. The .bin is working fine here.

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