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Re: Newcomers to Debian downloading/ordering full CD-set

Andrei Popescu wrote:

Hello list

Maybe it's a bit OT, but we do want new users, or not? ;-)
Why is this OT? It is related to user's of debian. So very much relevant on this list.

I have noticed that many newcomers to Debian often seem to not understand that one of the big differences between Debian and other distros/OSes is that you don't need to download EVERYTHING. They probably get the impression that by downloading only the net-install CD or the first CD/DVD they would not be able to benefit from everything Debian has to offer.
Is this just a false impression of mine? I wanted to get some more opinions before bringing this to debian-www. Maybe they could put some more emphasis on this (great) feature of Debian. I can even imagine newcomers getting scared of the huge number of .iso (14 for i386) to download on the first install and possibly every upgrade (another feature maybe not enough advertised).
I agree completely.


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