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Re: new user

Chris Lale wrote:

Dion wrote:

I love sarge ,
having trouble connecting BBand to my linux box , wish my sarge box would run wifi to my windows laptop . advice?

For broadband, the best solution is to use an ethernet ADSL modem rather than a USB one. It sound as though you would want a combined wifi modem/router.

If you want some help configuring an ethernet broadband modem/router, I have put some notes on the NewbieDOC wiki. They are not fully tested - I had to install a new modem/router yesterday, so my memory is hopefully quite accurate. Please modify the notes, or add comments, if you spot any problems. Visit http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/wiki/Broadband_-_setting_up_an_ethernet_ADSL_modem/router


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