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Re: VNC client/server combo doing VNC over HTTP

2 short infos to clarify :

1. VNC over http doesn´t exist
2. Port-Numbers can be altered with any version

Solution would be : ssh on Port 443 ... with that you can trick most proxies with the "connect" method to use any proxy-capable ssh-client (putty for example)
-> after ssh-connection is ok .. you can do vnc-over-ssh (simple Port-forwarding)

more professional :
use SSL-VPN-software like ssl-explorer( http://3sp.com/showSslExplorer.do?referrer=sslexplorer), which can do port-forwarding in y very simple manner


On 3/10/06, Mark Fletcher <mark27q1@yahoo.com> wrote:

I'm looking for a VNC server to run on my home Debian setup that will
allow me to connect to it from work. Trouble is, work is behind a
(justly) paranoid corporate firewall which will allow me to connect out
on HTTP/HTTPS on the usual web ports and not a lot else. So I'm looking
for a solution where the server can be Debian, the client can be Windows
2000 and comms between the two can be HTTP or better HTTPS over
80/81/443/8080 etc.

I stumbled over x11vnc which looks good but doesn't appear to support
communicating over HTTP(s). And my searches on sourceforge etc find me
products that do what I want but the server side has to be Windows.
Anyone got any alternative ideas?



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