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Re: USB 802.11g wireless adapter for Debian

> "Andrew Archibald" <andrew@choppywater.net>

scribbled once on a fine day:

>Can anyone recommend an 802.11g USB wireless adapter which is 
>supported by the Linux kernel?

We had this talk about pci cards a little while ago, it should apply 
to USB also as the main difference is the way its connected, one is 
USB the other is pci card.  You will find that most cards in the G 
vein will not have kernel support.

Now if your talking about gpl support, and having company support 
their products under Gnu\Linux you might want to search this list.


I know some people like the ralink cards such as the rt2750 which 
should be offered by many vendors. As far as it working as 
advertised I really do not know your wireless needs.  I do feel 
that this is one of the most open cards supported under the gpl, I 
personally hate any card that uses ndiswrapper, or any binary 
windows driver.  

I have used the rt61 based pci cards under Debian and I have some 
reservations. But giving the state of wireless drivers under Linux 
you will be very limited to what you can do.


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