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Re: Does chip architecture matter when installing...

On 3/1/06, Kelly Clowers <kelly.clowers@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/1/06, Kevin Dean <kdean06@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I new thought occured to me when thinking about my previous issue...
> >
> > The motherboard I have is compatible with the AMD Sempron (a 32 bit chip)
> > and the AMD Athlon 64 bit chip.
> > Does this cross compatibility make a difference in which install media to
> > use? I have a 32 bit processor installed and am using the i386 install disc,
> > and am getting more issues than I have EVER had out of Linux.
> The motherboard's cross compatability should not change anything.
> However, it might have newer chipsets, onboard controllers, etc. that
> do not have great linux support yet. What  kind of issues are you
> having?

I found your previous thread.

> ... after successfully installing either Ravencore ( www.ravencore.com) or VHCS, and
> administering them via the web interface from a different computer on my network, I get
> these errors.

So it only has these errors after one of those pieces of software is installed?
Does it have the same error on other incoming traffic (SSH, FTP, plain
web page requests, etc)?

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