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Re: cvs for media files?

On 2/27/06, Matt Price <matt.price@utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm going to be working on a collaborative audio documentary, probablay
> using audacity.  I would love to do some kind of version control on
> the project, sowe could all work on the documentary at home & then
> merge (and accept/reeject) our changes somehow.  But probably this
> will involve incremental changes to a significant number of media
> files.  Does anyone know whether there's a version-control system which
> can handle such changes to binary files easily and clearly?  I don't
> know much about cvs & its competitors, so this is just an
> out--of-the-blue question.
> thanks,
> matt

A quick google turns up a two message thread on the subversion mailing
list in which someone says they have a 2.7 gigabyte strings file.

There is also this faq item for subversion:

Kelly Clowers

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