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Re: Need help recovering Debian that won't boot.

Kent West wrote:
> kenn wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> I have a Debian server that does not complete its boot ... early on, it
>> display a Copyright notice for grep, then for egrep, then for grep
>> again, then for egrep again, then hangs .... I've booted the computer
>>from a Knoppix CD and can see all the files, I just can't get it to boot.
>> I also tried to run fsck from Knoppix but, whether from my fault or
>> otherwise, that didn't solve the problem.  At this point, I'm getting a
>> little desperate.
>> Any and all ideas GREATLY appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Kenn Caldwell
> Grub or lilo?
> Try starting Debian in single-user (Safe Recovery?) mode.
> If that doesn't help, try feeding a line like "init=/bin/bash" to
> grub/lilo; this will boot you into a rather non-functional Debian with a
> bash shell as pretty much the only thing running. If this works, you
> know the kernel is booting up and handing off to init properly.

Okay, booting in single-user mode got the same results, so I used

"linux init = /bin/bash" ....

i'm now booted up, and I can do some tasks like changing directories ...
but if I try to do a "ls" i get a segementation fault .... FWIW, that's
also what I was getting when this problem first presented itself -- that
is, I was able to boot okay, but couldn't "ls" ... now, I can't even boot.

Where do I go from here?  (Oh, and obviously, thanks for the advice.)


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