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Re: CUPS - utterly puzzled

N.Pauli wrote:
Dear All,

Until I installed Etch and a 2.6.12 kernel I had a perfectly good printing setup on Sarge with a 2.4.x kernel. I remember using the Gnome CUPS tool and finding drivers for my Brother printer as well as an HP printer both of which are network printers. During my trial and error I could delete printers.

Now it's all so utterly primitive. I cannot delete any printer I set up, there are no Brother drivers available, I cannot even get a test page through. What has happened to CUPS? Using http://localhost:631/ is also horribly broken. Has anyone recent experience of a good tutorial or HOW-TO that they would care to recommend?

One thing that strikes me is that I seem, even as root, to be short of rights to control and configure my printers. Are there some pre-conditions I may have failed to meet?

It's quite natural that even as root you can (with default set up) network printers. You can set up printers only on the computer that is directly attached to your computer. The default settings of debian find all network printers for me automatically.

Maybe you should just purge cups (ie. also delete config settings) and all packages depending on it and reinstalling them afterwards.

Hope that helps,

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