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Re: having problem with locales ?

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006, Mehmet Fatih Akbulut wrote:

> hi all,
which locales should i select to see characters like ý,þ,ç,ö,ð,ü correctly
on konsole ?
en_US UTF-8 doesnt show them right :'(
an example output of a php code: [in english: file successfully opened and
then closed.]
>Dosya baþarý ile açýldý ve kapatýldý. > which is what i want to see.
>Dosya baÅarı ile açıldı ve kapatıldı. > which is what i see now ...
O.S. and all installed programs are in english [so i dont want to switch
locales to tr_TR], but sometimes i need the above native characters.
what should i do to see such characters correctly ?
many thanks in advance.


en_US is english .. utf-8 by itself doesn't mean anything
its usually gonna be  xx_yy.utf-8 and other case sensitive variables

you have to set the proper LC variables ( a couple of the dozen+
variables ) if you want a mixture of some characters and not others ...
and probably its keyboard dependent too

c ya

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