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Re: fetchmail broken after etch update - a kludgy fix

On 2/20/06, Marc Wilson <msw@cox.net> wrote:
On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 10:38:38AM -0500, Patrick Wiseman wrote:
> if [ ! "x$START_DAEMON" = "xyes" ]; then
>        echo "Edit /etc/default/fetchmail to start fetchmail"
>        exit 0
> fi

> Temporarily, I have commented out the above lines, and my fetchmail is
> working again, but obviously that's a kludge.  Any suggestions as to how I
> can clean things up?

There's some reason why you didn't just do what the message told you to do?

What it told me to do was to "Edit /etc/default/fetchmail to start fetchmail".  It didn't tell me what to do in there.  So I DID edit the file, but nothng I did in there made a difference.


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