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Outdated Sarge kpdf

I'm running Sarge and discovering that often kpdf either crashes or fails to 
display pdf files properly. For example, attempting to view IRS forms 
displays the forms in 11x14 format instead of 8.5x11.

I booted WinXp and used Acrobat Reader 5.0 there and it tells me that I should 
upgrade to at least 5.1 (I think 7 is the latest release). It'll view the 
files, just not offer the latest features.

Some files on the State of Montana's DOJ site simply crash kpdf.

Am I correct in assuming that the best way around this in Debian is running a 
mixed system and using kpdf from Sid? I'm leery of messing something up by 
doing so.

I looked at going to ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sarge main to get a 
nonfree version, but I think that's only Reader 5.0 and I've run across some 
info at http://wiki.debian.org/PDFViewers that says: "To install 
acroread-plugin, you have to un-install [Xine]-ui package and viceversa." 
Pain. And, if I recall correctly, Acrobat Reader takes up about 100MB.

How are the rest  of you dealing with a need for a more up-to-date reader in 


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