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Re: Need help installing RAID 0+1

On Monday 20 February 2006 16:47, Morgan Reed wrote:
> Fresh install of Debian 3.1 on a box with 4 SCSI 18.2 GB HD.  SCSI
> card is a non-RAID adaptec card.
> I am trying to set up the 4 drives as 2 RAID0 of 36 Gig each mirrored
> (RAID1)

> Morgan

	Hello Morgan,

	Have a look at the link below its should be of help setting up a software 
raid1. If you are using lvm as well at the beging of the expert install, pick 
the mdcfg module and the lvmcfg module.

	" Installing Debian Sarge with software RAID "


                        peter colton

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