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Re: OT: What wireless cards are well supported in Linux?

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:00:14 +0100, Gnu-Raiz wrote:
>>Michael Perry <mperry@lnxpowered.org>
>>Im using Asus WL-107G 54G cards here on Debian unstable with a 
>>kernel.  The card uses the drivers from
>>http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page and it 
>>works very
>>well.  No need for firmware either and its been compiling clean on 
>>kernel.  I could not get the latest rt2x00 drivers to work for some
>>reason so I'm using the rt2500 driver from there.
>>BTW, the cards cost about 30.00 each from newegg.
> The Ralink based cards do have linux drivers, but the newer ones are 
> now based on the rt61 drivers.  I did the same thing I searched for 
> the most open linux driver cards available and decided to use the 
> Ralink based cards. But I had problems with wep, and ESSID hiding. 
> I could never get my card to use wep with dhcp, or with a static ip 
> address.
> This is also a problem in window's I just put that card into a 
> windows pvr, and wep does work, but i have to have my essid showing 
> in order for windows to find it.  It could be my Wireless AP, as 
> it's a few years old and only does 802.11b.  And the router AP 
> firware is old, because the company does not update the firware 
> anymore.
> I have an old Orinoco silver 802.11b +5 volt card that is as stable 
> as stable can be. It never fails to see my AP, or has a problem 
> with wep. I must say that I have not seen any recent really good 
> cards with totally free drivers. I would like to see something that 
> supports everything like wep wap and does a good job.
> If you want more information on my trials with the rt61 card, just 
> do a google search.
> Gnu_Raiz

Definitely good data points.  The branded card I use will not use the
newer beta drivers or get an IP address using dhcp off my WRT54G; but
using the latest beta rt2500 drivers it all works pretty well.  I don't
have issues with WEP at all and I can launch a variety of wifi settings
pretty easily using dhcp.  I'm on a WRT54G that has a newer firmware
flashed on it from about mid-year last year from hyperwrt.org I believe.
But I've used the raylink drivers with firmware from a few places
including sveasoft.  

The only real problem I have is that the rt2500 driver sometimes seems to
block apm from bringing the system out of suspend and that's a problem
that appears to be known and addressed in the rt2x00 driver betas.  Since
the asus cards don't seem to support that I'm still testing some fixes
with the suspend.d and resume.d stuff in apm.

The  other cards I've used are the intel 2200abg minipci cards.  I had
this card in my dell for awhile; but it started having problems so I
removed it and went with a pcmcia/cardbus card.

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