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Re: xmms in sid

On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 09:27:37AM -0500, Curt Howland wrote:
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> Alex Nordstrom <lx@se.linux.org> wrote:
> > I think our ideas of what constitutes a production system are 
> > somewhat different. 
> Indeed, a "production" system running Sid? [*shudder*]
> Back on topic, I agree with Steef about XMMS. I use it myself and 
> would feel a lack if it were no longer packaged. I'm sorry to hear 
> that development has faltered. I haven't seen any better music 
> player, even if it doesn't do absolutely every format or stream. 
> There's always XINE and vlc for those rare circumstances.
> Curt-

Don't panic just yet.  Apparently the upstream developers have stopped 
working on xmms to develop xmms2.  The death of xmms has been much 


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