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Re: xmms in sid

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 05:48:29 -0300
Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:

> I didn't know that xmms wasn't in development anymore. What is its
> substitute? I've been using moc (Music On Console), already packaged in
> Debian, which is able to play a quite impressive list of music formats.
> Regards, Rogério Brito.

AFAIK xmms will be replaced with xmms2 (of course ;) ) which will be something like mpd, another great package. BTW, I did use mpd/gmpc for a while. I seemed just perfect for my setup, as I have "server" with a better soundcard and more storage than my laptop. The downside was that adding music "on the fly" with mpd is not so easy. So I switched to moc started in a ssh console. But it doesn't know how to change the playlist order :(

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