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Unable to print from mozilla-firefox only

This issue started when trying to print from mozilla-firefox. I choose file>print. I get the print dialog. Then click print and get a window titled "printing" and a progress bar as if it is piping it to lpr. The progress bar completes the "printing" window disappears and nothing prints. I check lpr KJobViewer and they have no jobs and show that the printer is ready and accepting jobs. I tried to research this i n the archives but couldn't find the same problem. Also checked Mozilla website to no avail. Then resorted to the  chat irc.debian.org #debian. where user kevix instructed me too  run: apt-get install xprint after installing i restarted mozilla-firefox and still have the same issue.  Please note that I am able to print from other non Mozilla browsers such as Konqueror. All help is greatly appreciated.

Jason M Cox

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