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Re: gui for apache? Webmin Dead?

On 2/18/06, Morgan Reed <morgan@whickedwheels.com> wrote:
> Ok, obviously I have been living under a rock, why is webmin no good
> anymore?  is Jamie Cameron no longer maintaining it?
> Is there an alternative to webmin that has taken the crown?
> I for one was always a fan of webmin as a nice GUI way to manage a
> server without needing to install a windowing server.  it put all the
> config files in easy reach and a nice front on most of them.
> So if webmin is out, what's the in?

According to the bug report (http://bugs.debian.org/343897) it is just
the debian packages that are not maintained. Upstream is apperently
fine, so you could install webmin manually.

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