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Re: gui for apache? Webmin Dead?

Ok, obviously I have been living under a rock, why is webmin no good anymore? is Jamie Cameron no longer maintaining it?

Is there an alternative to webmin that has taken the crown?

I for one was always a fan of webmin as a nice GUI way to manage a server without needing to install a windowing server. it put all the config files in easy reach and a nice front on most of them.

So if webmin is out, what's the in?

On Feb 18, 2006, at 11:40 AM, mslinuz wrote:

Mark Grieveson wrote:

Mark Grieveson wrote:

On Sarge, I had a webserver, where I would set stuff up via Webmin.
 Is there a gui for apache that comes with Etch?

You mean in sarge you can set up apache via webmin ?
Then I believe you can do that with etch too.

As you can see on http://pdo.debian.net/webmin (or
http://packages.debian.org/webmin normally), Webmin is not in Etch or
Sid, and has not been for about a month now.

See http://bugs.debian.org/343897

Thanks for the interesting trivia about Webmin.  Now, is there a gui
for setting apache in Etch?

I heard some stuff like tkapache, essentia but no information can be
retrived from debian repository.
But why you need the GUI ? Go throuhg the conf file, it's more easy and
powerfull than using something
like IIS MMC.
It's look hard once, but then never ever as easy as that way.
I, myself, even wish that I could just manage IIS setting with a flat
conf file.

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