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Re: instructions for switching to kernel 2.6 on Debian Sarge?

Andrei Popescu wrote:

On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 16:59:23 -0500
"Daniel B." <REMOVEdanielTHIS@fgm.com> wrote:
the documentation that I found did warn me that my
mouse device (/dev/psaux) would change (and therefore gpm and X might
break), but the device the documentation said the mouse would change
to (/dev/input/mouse...) doesn't exist, and the documentation didn't
say anything about what one needs to do to get it to exist

udev will take care of that. Just install the kernel ...

Actually, the first time I tried it, udev hadn't taken care of it.
(I had installed udev, and when I looked for /dev/input/mouse..., it
didn't exist.)

However, when I tried booting into 2.6 again, /dev/input/mouse... did

Hmm...  I'm pretty sure I had installed udev _before_ I booted 2.6.8
for the first time.  However, it is possible that I booted 2.6.8 and
_then_ installed udev, which means that first time I looked for
/dev/input/mouse... I hadn't yet booted 2.6.8 normally to give udev
a chance to do its boot-time actions.

> (and don't uninstall
> the 2.4). If something doesn't work, you can still boot with 2.4 and
> research.

Definitely.  (I still have bootable clone of my Woody system from
before I upgraded to Sarge.)


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