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Re: Disk checks on restart

On Wed, 08 Feb 2006 18:32:24 -0500
Tony Heal <theal@pace2020.com> wrote:

> I have a server (woody) that is rarely restarted, but when it is a disk
> check is preformed that can take as log as 20 minutes. I believe it is
> running fsck at boot up before mounting  the partitions and when it gets to
> /var (92GB) and /opt (92GB) it take it a while to complete each. So I have 2
> questions.
> 1. Is it actually running fsck
> 2. is there an online way to perform these checks so that it takes less time
> to restart when required.

what is "rarely" ... i think the defaults for an fsck to be run are every 10 boots or every 180 days.. so if you reboot after 180 days uptime it will run fsck on that partition

to avoid this yes i guess you could unmount the partition while "online" and fun fsck on it... or you could run dumpe2fs to see the maximum mount count and check interval , then use tune2fs to set new mount counts or intervals... 

hopefully you are doing a good shutdown and not just powering the computer off?  That would mean the partitions are "unclean" (not unmounted cleanly) and would also cause fsck to run.
P.S. your mailer didn't add an X-Mailing-List header so you got a direct reply as well as one to the group. 

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Shawn Lamson

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