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Re: How many cd I need to install debian (kde)

> > I want to install debian stable/testing on my pc desktop.
> > How many cd I need to install only using for desktop (home) with kde.
> > I don't want download all cd iso.
> well you can use just one, the net-install iso, but it requires a lot of downloading during the install and if you have connection problems, it could be difficult.
> > For some reason I don't have internet connection all every hours.
> if you have decent bandwidth, it shouldn't take very long.

I also would recommend the net-install CD- it's a quicker
shorter download (150M) than the full CD (600M) images so 
it should be easier for you to get a full image before your 
intermittent network connection breaks.  And the net-install 
process also resumes on disconnect fairly well.

Or you could even try the bizcard image- it's only 50MB.

Regardless- you don't need to download more than one CD
image- after packages selected (like KDE) will be happily 
download from the net.

If you are having trouble getting a full image you might
want to try wget -c: it can resume a failed download.


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