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Re: Exim GMail smarthost

On 2/6/06, Stephen Allen <stephen.d.allen@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Doesn't the router,  transport and TLS have to be configured as well ?
> > All I had to do on my sarge box was configure with debconf for
> > smarthost delivery with smtp.gmail.com for the server, then add the
> > second line to the passwd.config file and e-mails were sent just fine.
> Hm, well that's puzzling to me. Are you using a monolithic setup or
> individual Exim4 config files ? Not that this should matter.

Yes, I stuck with monolithic.

> Could I trouble you to see what you have in your transport/router setup,
> at your convenience of course ?  Most mine appear uncommented.

Sure.  Point your favorite browser to http://berg.selfip.net/exim4 
you'll find the config files there.  passwd.client contains what I
mentioned in the other post.

Run diff to be sure, but I don't remember changing anything in this
file.  I know I looked at it but didn't actually change anything, but
I could be wrong.

> > Actually, I did have to make the extra steps of punching holes in my
> > firewall and having port 25 forwarded from the DSL modem/router to the
> > appropriate box.  Could that be your problem?  It slipped my mind and
> > had me confused for a little while before I remembered needing to do
> > that.
> Good suggestion.

For some reason I started thinking about receiving via SMTP instead of
sending.  My firewalls allow anything outbound so I didn't have to
touch them for sending.

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