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IBM DB2 Express-C on debian

Hi All!

I want to install DB2 Express-C on my debian box. When I launch installer:

$ LANG="C" sudo ./db2setup

it asks me some question and finishes with error. Is there any HOWTO about 
that problem ? Here is install log:

DB2 Setup log file started at: Mon Feb  6 23:14:45 2006 MSK

Operating system information: Linux Wed Feb 1 12:07:11 MSK 2006 
Product to install:                        IBM DB2 Universal Database Express 
Installation type:                         Typical
Previously Installed Components:
Selected Components:
Target directory:                          /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1

Space required:                            0 MB

New instances:
    Instance name:                         db2inst1
        Authentication:                    SERVER
        Start instance on reboot:          Yes
        TCP/IP configuration:
            Service name:                  db2c_db2inst1
            Port number:                   50000
        Instance user information:
            User name:                     db2inst1
            Group name:                    db2grp1
            Home directory:                /home/db2inst1
        Fenced user information:
            User name:                     db2fenc1
            Group name:                    db2fgrp1
            Home directory:                /home/db2fenc1

Contact specification:
    New contacts:
        Name:                              db2inst1
        Instance:                          db2inst1
        Email address:                     db2inst1@c3po
        Email address is for a pager:      No

Checking license agreement acceptance:.......Success
Installing DB2 file sets:.......Failure
ERROR:A major error occurred while installing "IBM DB2 Universal Database
Express Edition" on this computer. The installation can not continue. If the
problem persists please contact your technical service representative.

DB2 Setup log file finished at: Mon Feb  6 23:17:00 2006 MSK

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