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Re: packages.debian.org status update?

Aaron Hall wrote:
On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Stephen Cormier wrote:

Try http://pdo.debian.net I seen this on  http://planet.debian.net/
which seems like a rather strange place to be mentioned.

As of right now, packages.debian.org does mention pdo.debian.net, and it
also says this:

    We already got an offer for a new, dedicated server for it which
    should be up and running next week (which starts February, 6th).
    We're also working on greatly improving the performance of the used
    code to further reduce the requirements for the hosting server.

Very good. Events like this call out how much work goes into the Debian
project and infrastructure, much of which nobody ever really sees.
Thanks, everyone!

- Aaron

At this precise moment (10 pm GMT, 4 Feb) packages.debian.org appears to be back up. Yay!

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