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Re: HP NetServer LH Pro + Ubuntu (Debian) Linux

On (01/02/06 12:00), Durumdara wrote:
> We have a HP NetServer LH Pro server (that is very old thing).
> 17 GB HDD (5 pieces), + RAID controller (Adaptec, I think).
> My problem is that the OS is halt on boot with "no bootable SCSI Devices 
> installed" message, and it can boot from only  CD or floppy.
> I cannot install an OS to it.
> http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=982029
> I'm trying with ECU-t, I rewrite BIOS but nothing advance. I reformatted 
> the HDDs, reinitialized the ARRAY.
> The Ubuntu setup is finishing the preinstall, but in reboot the Grub is 
> halted with error 18.
> I tried the Windows install too, but in the reboot it is halted with 
> drive read error.
> I'm very unhappy. How to "inject" an OS to this server ?

I've installed debian (from woody floppies a while ago) on three LH
Pro's (2 LHPro200s and an LH3) and they were really solid.

Before rebooting it would be worth switching to a console (f3) and
examining the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst (or it may be



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