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Re: Can I fix this with apt-get???

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 21:50:05 -0800
Rob Blomquist <rob@robandmegan.net> wrote:

I'm not sure what you're really asking here. Do the problems below need resolution? or have you fixed them yourself and are just reporting dependency problems in the install?

> I had a total of 3 crashes during my initial install of Debian Sarge about 2 
> weeks ago. 

that sucks.
> I am noticing a number of buggy problems:
> -needed to install ghostscript for CUPS to work.

so did you install it?

> -Still have no access to my cardreader as the USB subsection sees it, but is 
> not mounting it.

many issues here. can you mount it manually? 

> -Evolution refused to connect to my PDA but Kpilot found it. Well after 
> installing pilot-link.

output would help here.

> -and probably 42 others.

one at a time. one at a time. ;)

> If I run a dependancy check with apt-get, all appears well to the database. 
> How can I fix this all 

maybe you have configuration problems and not dependency problems?

okay, I know this wasn't much help, but as I said above, its not clear what you're really asking here.


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