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Re: Not a Debian question, but you guys know this stuff...

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 03:22:08PM -0800, Tyson Varosyan wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> Thanks for the response. However, I feel that you reverse-engineered the
> answer here. Instead of searching for how to install multiple instances of
> httpd (which is what the manual says to do), you already knew that answer
> was to run multiple instances of the same installation and googled for an
> article on that. 

No "reverse engineering" occurred.  Sometimes "less is more" with search

This is the search I used:
or http://tinyurl.com/b5xfs

...but if you try with the search string "install multiple instances of
apache on Windows" (without the quotes), you'd find this post, which at
this time of writing is also the first result from the initial search
string tried:

Brian K White wrote on April 7, 2003:
> I agree that you can start the same version of apache twice.  But you
> can not INSTALL Apache twice.  This is a function of the Windows
> installer technology (MSI).  Apache will run from two separate
> locations in the file system if one of the installations was manually
> installed and configured.  When you invoke the Windows installation it
> will only repair or uninstall an existing installation.  It does not
> offer the option for a second parallel installation.  Sorry for not
> being more clear.

With that, you'd see that you cannot run the installer multiple times as
MSI files don't give you that ability. Efficient use of Google would
have saved you from a great deal of frustration (and a bit of getting
bashed here). :)

Perhaps the apache documentation is misleading; regardless, that'd be an
issue better brought up with them. Open source software is made better
by the community of users using it.  If you feel that the documentation
is unclear, tell them. Such projects love getting suggestions or patches
sent in to improve the software or documentation.  Perhaps it was written
with the assumption that people running apache in Windows would
understand what "installing multiple copies" meant. I can't say as I'm
not a member of the "Apache Software Foundation."

Since this thread has toned down a bit with no one being referred to as
"assholes" anymore, I'm bowing out of this discussion. As long as
something was learned, this little excercise was worthwhile.  I also am
"bowing out" as I don't want to see this follow the trend of C@11w@v3, 
401 4rt f1l3z, or those damn b@nj0z that fight with each other on the
Debian lists continuing...

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