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empty /boot directory

Hi all,


This morning I rebooted my Debian-server.

After a while Grub responded during te boot-process with: Error 15 file not found.

To my surprise the whole boot directory appears to be empty, except for the /boot/grub directory.


The server is a HP Proliant 360 with a smartarray controller.


What I probably need to do is to reinstall a kernel image.


I can boot with a Debian-installer CD, but I don’t know how to manually mount what was /dev/cciss/c0d0p1.

After running the hardware detection I do have a /dev/cciss/disc0/par1


First I need access to a partition for making a copy of a file.

Then I like to install a kernel image so I can start the server without reinstalling everything.


Can anyone help me how to do this?


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