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Re: Not automounting a USB Cardreader??

Magnus Therning wrote:
On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 10:26:03PM -0800, Rob Blomquist wrote:

Tonight, I plugged in my USB Cardreader that has worked flawlessly under
Ubuntu and Mandriva, and found that I did not get it auto mounted for me
under Debian. Wah!

Here's the kernel output for the device being detected:


From what I could tell, this device seems to be ready to go at

but hal (hotplug?) has not picked it up and mounted it for me.

Can anyone point me to a direction to correct this problem? Is there
more information I need to provide?

AFAIK hal/hotplug/udev won't actually perform the automounting itself.

If you're running a GNOME desktop then it's gnome-volume-manager (gvm)
that's in charge of automounting. The other parts will only tell that
there's a new device available, then it's up to gvm to decide what to do
with it.


It might also be necessary to install the package "pmount" and to add
your user to the group "plugdev". We have discussed this recently:
(That thread concerns Etch; if you are using Sid with the latest version
of KDE or Gnome you have to use the package "dbus" instead of the
package "dbus-1".)


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