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Re: Package repositories?

Chris Lale wrote:

Chris Lale wrote:

Rob Blomquist wrote:

I'm pretty new to this Debian adventure, and I am only currently set up
with the default package sources. Where is the best place to find others
to use?

I would love to find the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a JVM package and a
source like the Penguin Liberation Front (plf.zarb.org) for Mandriva, so
that I could easily get the goods I need without the hassle of security


The Debian NewbieDOC note http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/index.php/Unofficial_Debian_packages may get you started.

Googling for "java linux download" gives
for downloading the linux self-extracting file and a link to manual install instructions. Its very straightforward.

Googling for "acrobat reader linux download" gives
http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=10&platform=unix Follow the link for "Acrobat Reader for UNIX - English" and select the .tar.gz version

You will have to do something like
$ tar -xzvf AdbeRdr70_linux_enu.tar.gz
to unpack the file ($ is the commandline prompt).

Read the README file thus created for installation instructions for the tarball installer. Here are the instructions you will see:
1. Make sure you have at least 110 MB of available disk space
2. Run "tar -zxvf AdbeRdr70_linux_enu.tar.gz"
3. Run the "INSTALL" script in the "AdobeReader" directory thus created

Actually, I've just noticed that there is an "acroread" package in Sarge.

I further noticed that I had added
|deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sarge main
to my /etc/apt/source.list file. This is a useful unofficial Debian repository. Acroread does not exist in the official Debian repository because its licence does not satisfy the DFSG.

Using .debs is simpler, and you don't have to remember to upgrade.


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