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Re: kde status in Etch

Andreas Janssen wrote:
> Hello
> H.S. (<hs.samix@gmail.com>) wrote:
>>Okay, I did an upgrade but have lost two major things (among others),
>>vlc and k3b. What version of k3b do you have?
> Sorry, but there /is/ no k3b in etch, and there /won't/ be any k3b in
> etch until KDE in etch is upgraded from 3.4 to 3.5. Until about a week
> ago, there would have been an chance to get all the additional KDE
> packages (amarok, kaffeine, k3b) from unstable, because unstable had
> the same KDE version that was in etch, but you obviously missed the
> chance. If you want to upgrade to the latest KDE in etch, you need to
> deinstall nearly all KDE programs that are not part of KDE itself.
> Getting those packages from unstable is also not an option, because
> those packages are simply not compatible. Your only chance is to find
> old versions on http://snapshot.debian.net. You need:
> k3b and libk3b2 0.12.10-1
> amarok and amarok-engines 1.3.7-1
> kaffeine and kaffeine-xine 0.7.1-1.3+b1

I tried editing /etc/apt/sources to include unstable sources (on my
Testing system, i.e. Etch) and did:
$> sudo apt-get -s install -t unstable k3b

and it was willing to do this by installing some additional kd3 packages
as well (all were, IIRC, from kde 3.5). I didn't proceed with this.

So, coming back to your suggestion, where do I go looking for older
version(s) of K3b? I was away for around 2 weeks after christmas, I
guess that is when I missed this oppertunity.


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