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switching / to lvm

my /dev/hda is getting a little flaky, so I am replacing it with a new
one.  I also am tired of constantly juggling partitions around ( I
made too many when I setthis ocmputer up) so I am looking to try out
lvm.  I've set up a new disk as follows:  

   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hde1   *           1          31      248976   83  Linux
/dev/hde2              32        9729    77899185    5  Extended
/dev/hde5              32        9729    77899153+  8e  Linux LVM

within the lvm I have one partition for / and so far no others (may
change that e.g. to give /var its own fs).  

This setup will be great, I hope, but it also means that the lvm needs
to be active on boot.  I notice two things:

1 -- my current kernel doesn't use an initrd & doesn't have lvm
support compiled into the main kernel.  (I'm assuming this is
"CONFIG_MD" which is set to "M" -- I don't see any other obvious
config options) I think I can do this manually with yaird or mkinitrd
-- am I correct in thinking so?  I'd like to avoid recompiling as i
use several 3rd-party modules & the suspend2 patches, which makes
compilation cumbersome.

2 -- I notice that the lvm isn't recognized and activated on reboot --
I assume this is because I don't have the requisite "vgscan -ay" in my
init scripts.  I don't like messing witht hose manually -- I'm
wondering whether I'm somehow missing the package that would have
installed these scripts, or whether that package needs to be
reinstalled.  Haven't found an obvious candidate.

Appreciate the help as always. 



 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
`. `'` 	     & hemi-geek

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