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[OT] debianhelp.co.uk steals my words?

In a bid to help a fellow Debian user, I wanted to link to a thread I had been involved in (concerning internet connexions). I googled some words in it and found the post in the Debian mailing list archives, which is normal.

I also found a tiny piece of it at this site:


Search for

it was creating two connections: PPP0 (the right

to find some of the post.

I would normally have no problem with this EXCEPT:

1: It makes no mention of my name. Sorry to say but what ever I write is mine and I expect to be credited (I am a would-be amateur-author).

2: The page has exactly one and a half sentences of my post (plus what they call the "answer"). Indeed, it cuts off that half sentence at a comma (comma splice any one?) and is subsequently out of context (unless you call the sentence and a half context).

3: This was done not only with out my consent but indeed with out my knowledge.

I'm writing this because I wish to know the thoughts of other Debian Users and because I wish to know if any one else is familiar with this site or has also been put upon it (possibly with out their knowledge.) I shall also try to send a copy of this E-Mail to the author of the site. Maybe I'm taking this too far, but I feel rather strongly about plagiarism and the like. Lastly, I wish to apologies to those among you feel that this is not the right forum in which to bring up such a case; I have put an off topic sing before the subject heading in the hopes of warding off any anger.

I thank you for your time and am eager to hear your thoughts.

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