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Re: Appletalk Starting and Failing during Sarge Boot

PS: If you have netatalk installed then you may also have task-howl (howl-tools and mdnsresponder) installed. If you don't need netatalk then you probably don't need task-howl either as such is used to "broadcast" shares. Get another opinion about uninstalling these additional packages first though, as I don't know whether they might be useful otherwise :-)

Lee C

Chinook wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:
My girlfriend runs Sarge on Intel, and during boot, she sees the message
"Starting Appletalk, this may take a while" (or sth the like)
followed by messages about timeouts for a couple of minutes,
before the boot proceeds. During the rest of the boot, until
X starts up and she gets the login dialogue box, these timeout
messages continue to come out.

What is there that we can do to stop this (she doesn't own a Mac,
nor does she have any interest in owning one)? It delays boot
quite a bit.

Thanks for your time.

If you see the message you note during bootup then you have netatalk installed. If you look in the process monitor you'll see at least the daemon afpd running and maybe a few others associated with netatalk for classic AppleTalk.

Anyway, netatalk is not part of the stock distribution (as far as i know - i had to install it) and you can just uninstall it.

Lee C

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