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Re: aptitude: clearing selections

On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 01:31:06AM -0800, Kancha . wrote:
> Hello all:


> I used automark packages for upgrades. The i decided
> to clear all those selections, but the selection is
> retained even after quitting aptitude. How can
> packages marked for upgrade/install be cleared ?
> kancha

One question: how did you clear the selections?

From the aptitude reference manual:


  All changes to package states are saved when you quit aptitude, update
  the package list, or perform an install run. If you do not wish to save
  your changes, you can always abort aptitude by pressing Ctrl-C.

Since you have already exited aptitude, that's not possible

Another possibility of course is to use Ctrl-u to undo actions while
you are in aptitude. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work between
invocations either.

One possibility might be the old status file (if you haven't done any
other changes in between). Copy the /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates.old to
/var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates. That should return the selections to the
previous states.

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