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2 Printers not installable on cups/samba


I set up a new sarge - cups - samba server and installed almost all printers.
After some trying I updatet samba to 3.0.21 from testing but it was no 

I had some problems that I would like to understand or to solve:

- I could prepare and install printer drivers for windows with APW from 
windows 2000 for theese printers withou problems: hp lj 4050, brother hl-1650 
and hp lj 4m+
- I could not do the same from an xp-pro sp2 wks. could not add the driver
    (same user as with w2k wks)
-  I could only install manually with rpcclient as described in the
   samba-howto collection these printers: oki c5300, kyocera FS-1020, FS-6020 
   and FS-C5020

- I can NOT install a brother hl-1470 and konika 7222 (ps) 
	brother: cannot copy all files to the samba and install then
	konika: all files are kopied from APW, but at the end "permission denied"
	    or: manually with rpcclient: all files are at the right place, but it 
                says that the driver is unknow. Had this before only if I 
                forgot to copy a file, but its there with correct perms.

- I can not get working this under windwos with point+print even if the driver 
installation was successfully: hp lj 4000tn

the best way: cupsaddsmb - does not work for me with all these new program 
versions. Have a running one with woody, samba 3.0.10 and cups 

thank you 


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