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Re: / suddenly Read-only

On 1/17/06, Ken Heard <ken@heard.name> wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > This can indicate a problem with the filesystem is throwing errors.
> > Your root filesystem is typically mounted with an 'errors=remount-ro'
> > option, meaning the drive is remounted read-only if an error occurs.
>         This particular option is at the moment causing me considerable grief.
>   And I really wonder why it needs to be there.
>         When last week I installed "Sarge" the defaults option got left out of
> the root directory mount line in the fstab. I edited fstab to add it, so
> that that line read as follows:
> /dev/mapper/SOL-root   ext3   drfaults,noatime,errors=remount-ro  / 0 1
>         Because defaults was mispelled, the root directory has been locked ever
> since, making the machine unuseable.
>         I tried various ways of solving this problem short of a complete
> reinstallation, including doing a Knoppix live installation, but so far
> have not found one.  (For details of what I did, see my post of a few
> minutes ago entitled "Re: Most directories locked read-only:  how to
> unlock them?"
>         This read only option for the root directory strikes me as very
> dangerous because it can turn a typographical error into a major
> catastrophe.
>                 Regards,
> --
>                                 Ken Heard
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If that an LVM mapper you should look at "Moving a volume group to
another system" recipe [1]. The "other system in your case would be
live knoppix cd. Just remember to do an "export" prior to rebooting
the system, otherwise you risk in data corruption.

Please report back how it went.

[1] : http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/recipemovevgtonewsys.html


Maxim Vexler (hq4ever).

Do u GNU ?

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