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This is a great package of off lease laptops , they are working complete and ready too go . Give me a call if you need more info .
Qty 15      2366-23U IBM T30 Laptop P4 1.6Ghz/256/20/DVD/Win 2000 /14"                      $425 ea
Qty  3       2367-61U IBM T30 Laptop P4 1.6Ghz/256/20/DVD/XP Pro /14"                           $425 ea
Qty  3       2367-61U IBM T30 Laptop P4 1.6Ghz/256/20/DVD/XP Pro /14"                           $425 ea
Qty  3       2628-TTU IBM A Series Laptop P3 1.0Ghz/128/30/DVD/FD/Win 98 2nd/14        $295 ea
Qty  2         2652-J3U IBM A31 Laptop P4 1.6Ghz/256/20/CD/XP loaded/14"                        $425 ea
Qty  32      2633-JUU IBM A31 Laptop P4 1.6Ghz/256/20/CD/FD/WiFi /XP Pro /14"              $425 ea
Qty  5         2676-FU4 IBM R31 Laptop PIII 1.0Ghz/256/30/CD/XP Pro /14"                             $295 ea
Qty  2        2647-JU7 IBM T23 Laptop PIII 1.13Ghz/256/30/CDRW/14"                                    $320 ea
Qty 14        Compaq EVO N610C Laptop P4 1.8Ghz/256/30/DVD/14"/COA                            $435 ea
Qty 4     Compaq EVO N610C P4 2.2Ghz/256/40/CDRW/WiFi/14.1"                   $450 ea
All equipment power on tested. Non DOA warranty. No warranty on batteries. Complete with A/C adapters. Retail grade laptops.
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