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Re: gvim window activated by mutt doesn't get focus in xfwm4

Simon Huggins wrote on Jan, 10:


> What do you mean instead?

Here's the scenario. I configured mutt to compose mails with "gvim --remote".  
I start gvim. I start mutt and ask to compose a mail. A new buffer is created 
in the currently running gvim. Its window should be raised and gain focus.  
xfwm4 raises the gvim window but doesn't give it focus. fluxbox and kwin raise 
the window and give it focus.

A discussion thread [1] at Xfce mailing list concluded that it's a gvim bug.  
I've raised the bug report against vim-gtk but haven't heard from the 
maintainers yet.

Thanks for your interest

[1] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.desktop.xfce.user/11185

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